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Branch removal

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Pruning or removal, how to know?

It is often difficult to decide whether a tree needs to be pruned or completely removed. Let us help you choose the best option for the long-term benefit of your home or business. Licensed and insured arborists are ready to handle even the largest of trees.

Know the signs that indicate a tree hazard

  • Multiple dead-tips in the crown of tree

  • Limbs over-hang power lines or structures

  • Branches rub against the roof

  • Limbs near or touching your house

  • Ants on your trees, a frequent sign of hollowing

  • Woodpecker or squirrel holes, possible rot indicators

  • Clogged sewer-line, often due to tree roots

  • Sidewalk and foundation cracks due to root structure

We are here for you

Turn to tree climbers you can trust

Our experts are ready to utilize the latest tree-care equipment to safely bring-down any branch or tree; take advantage of 24 hour care, 7 days per week.

Full tree-care, including cabling and stability measures, workmanship guaranteed

FREE estimates available, the lowest in town!

Fully experienced in removing hazardous trees, even those located in tight quarters. Contact us today and let us help you with pruning and removal.  

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